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Novo mesto Slovenia

The school already participated in the Comenius project entitled Culture in your hands from 2000-2012. With a new Erasmus + project we want to improve the motor skills of children, and help them be more active after school. We actively support the positive self-image of all students and thus contribute to better learning success. We care for the comprehensive development of good relationships between teachers and pupils, teachers among themselves and between pupils.

We consider the complementary role that school nutrition plays in the healthy eating curriculum. We think of health as holistic – that is why we take equal care of the mental, physical, social and environmental fields of school life. We ensure the comprehensive development of good teacher-pupil relationships, teachers with one another and among pupils. We take advantage of every opportunity to improve the school environment. We develop good connections between school, home and community.

We actively develop good connections between primary and secondary schools. We want to increase the pupils’ activities in the afternoon, and motivate them for more physical and mental activities. We have already organized a lot of activities for exercising students, teachers, and parents, so we want to present and offer the following activities to them in the future: morning exercises, physical activities before the start of the lessons, during lessons, and during recreational breaks.

During regular school lessons, we want to upgrade the learning with movement and incorporate as much creative movement as possible into the lesson itself and into our after-school care for children.

We want to introduce as many cooperative games to the pupils as possible, and we want to bring them closer to meditation and yoga for a more relaxed and comprehended learning experience. We want them to feel as good as possible at school. Body postures, meditation, breathing exercises and calming are going to be emphasized. In the time we live, learning about methods of body awareness, movement, concentration and relaxation, as well as self-esteem are essential for everyday life.

Participants will gain knowledge and practical experience to perform physical activities, recreation, meditation and yoga, tailored to both age and teaching needs. We will present contemporary options for incorporating additional content related to physical and mental exercise aimed at reducing stress in schools, as well as methods for improving interpersonal relationships, supported by examples of good practice. The purpose of the project is to impart knowledge to help young people, teachers and other participants develop healthy lifestyles.

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