Cekmekoy Sultanciftligi Ortaokulu

Istanbul  Turkey

Sultanciftligi Secondary School is a state funded school placed in Cekmekoy district of Istanbul with 1155 students aged 10 to 14. Our school gives the secondary education which contains 5th to 8th grades. Our school employs 54 teachers who are coordinated by a head teacher in control of an Administrative Board.

School’s aim is to provide high quality educational services in order to form generations that have key competences recognized at European level, that will ensure each pupil the ability to adapt quickly to social, technological and cultural changes. In order to be successful, we believe that, school must provide both professional and personal development opportunities for teachers.

Our school has 32 classes, 1 robotic coding laboratory, 1 music laboratory, 1 visual arts class and a shelter for disaster scenario. In addition, our school yard is the gathering area after disaster for our neighborhood.

Our School is also known for extra scholar activities and projects. Scouting activities, a successful chess team, athleticism and children games championships can be counted for sport activities. If students are interested in a sport, we take them to the game in their field. So far we have gone to national football, volleyball and basketball games and Balkan athleticism championship. Apart from sport, we support students on scientific matter, too. Most recently, we have visited Izmir Space Camp with students.

So far, we have only participated projects in national level. Our purposes are decreasing school drop outs, academical and social progress for disadvantaged students, help them for their choice of profession and raise world citizens. Some of projects to mention are “Umudum Ogretmenim” (My Hope, My Teacher), “Harezmi” (Project aims to include technology to the learning process), “M.E.K.T.E.P” (Immigrants’ adaptation to school and social integration).

Although our parent profile mostly based on second class, low educated society who are in search for a permanent work for most of the time or employed in a foreign city; they and our stuff both try to make the best out of students and imbue them with idea that the right way to overcome their disadvantages and become successful is being well educated.

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