23.04.2023 — 29.04.2023

The subject of our last project meeting was “compliance and peace”. Our goal was to strengthen the relationship of health, well-being and peace of mind with the psychological and social order in health and illness. Our project activities were to assist participants realize that their physical health is as important as their mental health and to create awareness.

The host school 3rd Gymnasium of Drama greeted the partner schools from Turkey, Italy, Poland and Slovenia with songs that the students sang in the mother tongue of each partner language, an art activity “The revival of the Olympic games” was acted, the educational system of Greece was presented and the presentations on “health and compliance” were displayed.

A seminar on “Reading prosperity” was presented by the host country trying to answer the questions on how reading influences our mind and what are the advantages of reading for our mind. Also all countries demonstrated recipes of natural masks, peeling, hair conditioner, body lotion describing their ingredients and values.

The partners had the chance to visit the archeological museum of Drama, the museum of human body in Thessaloniki, they participated in horse riding activities, they visited ALISTRATI CAVE and enjoyed a train ride to Alistrati canyon. They had a guided tour to the Archeological Park of Philippi; they walked near NESTOS RIVER and tried flying fox. Also they learned about ancient Greek eating habits, Greek traditional lunch was offered by the families of the Greek students and a big celebration with traditional songs and dances closed the last mobility of the project.

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