16/10/22 – 22/10/22

The subject of the meeting was ‘HEALTHY MIND IN A HEALTHY BODY’. The aim of the meeting was to improve teamwork, collaboration skills, to increase awareness of being active by doing sports and to ensure that physical activities become culture that is becoming widespread among our students.

The host country SLOVENIA welcomed the partners with traditional songs and music, the educational system of Slovenia was presented and all 5 countries introduced their work on ‘Healthy habits and lifestyles’.

All the participants visited Otocec castle and Otocec Adventure Park, they hiked to the nearby Trska hill, and a cooking workshop was prepared with healthy meals from each country.

There was a guided tour to Novo mesto, Pleterje open house museum and Carthusian monastery and also a trip to Ljubljana and to Lake Bled.

Finally healthy snacks from the partner schools were exhibited and an eco-sports brochure was developed.

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